Investment Philosophy

Markets are inefficient.  Government policies, burgeoning debt, central bank actions, emerging demographic trends, resource scarcity, extreme market sentiment, and other factors create risks and opportunities in global capital markets.  Many of these risks and opportunities are significant and secular in nature yet they are under-appreciated by the markets at large.  We seek to hedge against those risks and capitalize on those opportunities.  We strive to deliver strong long-term absolute returns.

​“Our clients invest with a purpose; they have clearly defined goals for their financial future.  They are persistent and recognize that financial markets rarely move in a straight line.  Our clients invest with confidence, knowing that long-term objectives are achieved through disciplined commitment to a plan.  That is why our clients invest with Castlewood.”


                                                                   Mark Wittenstein

                                                                   Managing Partner

                                                                   The Castlewood Select Funds, LLC